Monday, May 16, 2011

Narnia 5 Movie

Narnia 5 MovieThe movie Narnia 4 hasn't been released, actually it hasn't even started to film yet. But we know the fourth installment of the Chronicles of Narnia will focus on the Magician's Nephew. And Michael Flaherty, co-founder and president of Walden Media, hinted that it won't be the last Narnia movie that the franchise will keep going on. So we may hope more after Narnia 4, yep get ready for the movie Narnia 5!

There are 7 books in the Narnia series written by C.S. Lewis. So on what novel will Narnia 5 be based on? Maybe the Silver Chair which revolves around Eustace and his classmate Jill Pole. But it could also ignore that one and focus on "The Horse and His Boy" or "The Last Battle".

"The Horse and this Boy" is about a young boy born in the world of Narnia and with a great destiny ahead of him.

In "The Last Battle", Lewis brings The Chronicles of Narnia to an end. The book deals with the end of time in the old Narnia and sums up the series by linking the experience of the human children in Narnia with their lives in their original world.

Well do you have any preference? Leave your thoughts below!

Anyway, more details about the movie Narnia 5 soon!